How to choose reasonable sports lighting for different stadium ?

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How to choose reasonable sports lighting for different stadium ?


With the development of the society, national fitness has become very popular, which requires different levels of stadiums

to adapt to different social groups, and different sports lights to meet the needs of different levels of stadiums. Reasonable

sports lighting not only could meet the needs of different sports people, but also save energy and investment.


First, the stadium is devide into 6 different level according to its final usage in the world .

Level of stadium Application Television relay requirements
I level Trainning and Entertainment Activity No
II level Amateur games, professional training No
III level Professional game No
IV level TV broadcasts national and international games Yes
V level TV broadcasts important international games Yes
VI level HDTV broadcasts important international games Yes

Second, when you make sure the stadium level you want according to its application, we will let our professional

sports lighting designer to make VIP Lighting design for your stadium according to different sports lighting requirement,

like Ra,CCT,IP Rating,averange illuminance,uniformity of illuminance,Glare rating and so on. let you reduce trouble, save power

forever and save cost, here is some stadium design for you reference.

Sports lighting in air supported building

Basketball field lighting design

Soccer field lighting

Track and field lighting


Above sports lighting design is just for you reference, the Dialux lighting design could let you understand if this lighting result

suit for better before you start use our sports lighting. Our finally finished lighting result is further better than lighting result on drawing.

welcome to contact us , if you need excellent sports lighting for your stadium.